Dragon fruit

Also known as pitahaya in Europe. Owner of an intense color, dragon fruit is a fruit originating from a cactus. As it has low calories and many nutritional benefits, it can be consumed by all people. The exotic appearance of the fruit, as well as its mild flavor and nutritional characteristics are some of the […]


Citrus x latifolia is a kind of fruit known in Brazil by the name of “Tahiti limes”, or simply “limes”, being classified within acid limes. The fruit of this species has no seeds, has an intense flavor and a thick skin. The pulp is slightly greenish and the juice is acidic. Tahiti lime is used […]


Ginger has become increasingly known and consumed around the world, especially due to it┬┤s influence in the use of oriental cousine. Ginger has a spicy flavor and can be used in both savory and sweet dishes and in different forms; fresh, dried, pickled, or candied. Dried ginger is more aromatic and has a milder flavor. […]


Mango is a fruit with varied colors: yellow, orange, and red, being more pink on the side that suffers directly sunlight or more yellowish or greenish on the side that receives indirect sunlight. Normally, when the fruit is not yet ripe, its color is green, but this depends on the cultivar variety. The pulp is […]